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Aladdin's is known for its generous portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, collection and delivery. Our menu offers tasty and wholesome food, made with fresh spices and herbs. Aladdin's prices are very reasonable and our delivery is reliable. Make tonight an easy night in and pick up some authentic Burgers & Chicken, Halal, Pizza takeaway from Aladdin's.

3 Skinner Street,
Gillingham ME7 1HD
01634 799126
kids beef burger meal

carton of juice fries beef burger

kids chicken steak burger meal

carton of juice fries chicken steak burger

kids fish finger meal

carton of juice fries 3 pieces of fish fingers

kids chicken nugget meal

carton of juice fries 4 pieces of chicken nuggets

kids hash brown and coleslaw meal

carton of juice fries hash brown coleslaw

kids hash brown and bbq beans meal

carton of juice fries hash brown bbq beans

meal 3

can of soft drink fries 5 pieces of spicy wings

meal 1

fries 3 pieces of spicy wings piece of chicken can of soft drink

meal 4

can of soft drink apple pie fries 2 pieces of chicken

meal 5

fries coleslaw beans 2 pieces of chicken


food would have been brilliant if it arrived on time. took over 80 minutes to get here.
Chips were little cold but overall a very excellent level of food and service Many Thanks
Never had a problem with the food, the chicken pieces and spicy chicken wings were delicious and arrived hot.
Food is good and they provide a good service food always on time
Very disappointed in the service waited nearly 2 hrs for delivery. Chased twice & don't think it would have arrived if I d...
We have used Aladdin before and found their food excellent every time. At a fraction of the cost of KFC, their chicken is ...

Aladdin's's opening hours:

17:00 - 22:00
Mon - Thu:
17:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat:
00:00 - 03:00 collection
17:00 - 23:00